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I’ve stopped making jokes about how I’m going to invest in a shotgun collection when my daughter starts dating. A bit of fatherly bravado masking the fact that we’re in over our heads when it comes to raising daughters? Of course I want to protect my daughter from those who would treat her like an object.

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A harmless coping mechanism for dads who are secretly terrified their daughters will meet a younger version of themselves someday? Of course I want her to make good choices about who she spends her time with and how close she allows them to get.

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That there’s something wrong with them if we DON’T have to fend off legions of prospective suitors? “As a teenager who never had a boyfriend, it always made me uncomfortable when family friends made jokes about the boys lining up and my parents having to fht them off… They impact our children’s view of themselves in ways we don’t even realize.

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But I also want her to know that her body isn’t something dirty or shameful.

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